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In many official historical texts tells this defamatory cause
whereby Crescencio was brutally punished, according to these stories, cut the right hand and penis of him because he strike her mother in drunk. Is totally false and impossible in this epoque.

In the years in which the story takes place (about 1580) the enslaved were brought directly from Africa, ie Crescencio's mother was still alive (if living) in Africa. Moreover the enslaved them was forbidden to reproduce, infants were killed immediately by the fear that Africans outnumbered the Spaniards and they revolted against their captors. Thus it was impossible for our hero had been born or had a mother in the Americas and at the same time be enslaved.

I do not know where it comes from or who spread this version of events. Anyway I took the liberty to include in the story at the time in which a Spanish soldier, amid the spectacle of sadism, says such conjecture to one of the attendees.

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