domingo, 5 de junio de 2016


Making comics is an arduous process, at least for me, and even more so in the case of this work. First comes the idea, then comes the documentation, character design, documentation, script, storyboard or thumbs, the page in pencil, documentation, ink, text, editing ...

In countries where comics exist, this process is done by several people, a writer and an artist. The United States has a specialist at each stage of the process, writer, drawer, inker, colorist, letterist, editor... to get a comicbook of monthly pages 24-30. Here doing it all one person (in my specific case), that lengthens the process time, it is hard work.

It reads easily but it is very difficult to do.

Perhaps that is why primary teachers ask me to teach them how to make comics to children first and second grade, including preschool, to my they seem sympathetics.

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