domingo, 14 de agosto de 2016


 This is the end...

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, has reached the end of this story, Today there festival Petronio Alvarez, better way to close with a concert of our traditional music in front of the cross that marks the memory of Crescencio in Artisanal Parque La Loma La Cruz, music played by the descendants of runaway slaves and slaves who not only refuses to disappear, although Cali had already eradicated, but has now taken a prominent place in the world, placing it at the level of Jazz and other classical music but at the same time, it is aesthetic vanguard of world music.

I hope you liked, you have known, as on this trip, a little more of the history of my region, and make them remember who we are and where are our roots and our identity, often distorted by the media of the dominant castes.

Sincerely thanking all those who bother to read every Sunday were taken, much more those who shared in their social networks this solitary initiative to tell stories with pictures. And especially to Padavi, who helped me all these long months with the English translation of this work, I have no way to pay this precious favor.

Brotherly hugs!

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